Zang: Helena Fontyn

Kristal Klaar (vocals)

Brosella and the Kunsthumaniora van Brussel are presenting the 4th edition of “Kristal Klaar” in Gemeenschapscentrum De Markten in Brussels. The first concert in the series is scheduled on Thursday, November 24th at 20.00 hours. It is entirely dedicated to "vocals" and will be conducted by Helena Fontyn.


What happens when two musical kindred souls find each other on stage? You get honest music in very different shapes, as live itself. Besides fireworks and passion, there is harmony and peace, modesty and ecstasy. Let us introduce to you singer Helena Fontyn and Jeroen D’hoe on the piano in the heart of Brussels. They will perform some of their favourite songs from Stevie Wonder, Burt Bacharach, Bill Withers, Bonnie Raitt and Michael Jackson amongst others. A mixture of pop and jazz, with a very personal touch. Every concert is different and a fascinating discovery.

Helena Fontyn studied vocals at the Jazz & Popular Music department of the Conservatory of Antwerp and sang in various jazz ensembles & big bands with a.o. Piet Verbist, Bart De Nolf, Bart Van Caenegem, Bruno Castellucci and Lieven Venken. She got noticed as a backing vocalist and lead singer in bands of national and international artists, including Marco Borsato, Natalia, Lionel Richie, Admiral Freebee and The Scorpions. She was also a finalist of the TV show X Factor in 2005. In the meantime she started several projects of her own: Hypnogroove (disco and soul), Stevie’s Wonder (music by Stevie Wonder), a jazz quartet and her own band LENA, where she initiated her own songs. Two years ago, she started working with composer and pianist Jeroen D’hoe as a pair. She really enjoys making music this way, because it allows a lot of interacting, on top of emotion and inspiration. And that’s what music is all about…

Jeroen D’hoe studied composition at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven and at the Juilliard School in New York. He won the national composition competition Queen Elisabeth and the SABAM Prize for composition. He composes both classical works and jazz / pop songs and is working together with Paul Michiels in the concert series "It's a Gas", which was recently released on CD, and Ann Van den Broeck, with whom he’s playing the Bernstein & Sondheim repertoire.


Six young female singers are opening the concert. Each singer selected a favorite song, that was collectively arranged for backing vocals and that will be performed with the support of professional musicians.

Chloé Van der Vieren has always been singing and decided a year ago to go for it. She’s mostly involved in musicals, but is also keen on discovering other musical genres to brighten up her horizon. She’s studying vocals under the direction of Chadia Cambie and Helena Fontyn.

Emmelie Arents discovered music as a little girl and never stopped loving it. She writes her own songs and wants to affect people with her voice and music. She’s studying vocals at Kunsthumaniora Brussel under the guidance of Chadia Cambie and Helena Fontyn.

At the age of three, Celien Deloof just grabbed the microphone, after a sound check of her mother, and started singing lustily. The sound engineer got her noticed and opened up the sound volume. Still telling this anecdote many years later, she’s more than ever convinced that singing is her true passion.

Jasmin Smolders has always been fascinated by music and started five years ago to study vocals at the Kunsthumaniora Brussel, where she found out to be a very versatile singer. She studied under the direction of Helena Fontyn, Chadia Cambie, Hille Bemelmans and Ann Komac. Inspired by jazz, pop and soul, she perfected herself in harmony singing and improvisation.

Karlijn Robberechts is singing all day long, excepted in showers. She started singing in the soft rock genre in her own band, but discovered jazz two years ago and it felt like coming home. She’s been attending workshops of Jeugd en Muziek Brussel for many years, where she was initiated in the wonderful world of improvisation.

Mathilde Smessaert is studying vocals at Kunsthumaniora Brussel under the direction of Helena Fontyn, Hille Bemelmans and Shadia Cambi and has been singing with Eli, a funky party band, and in other projects. She has dedicated her life to music and hopes that being impregnated with the music of Talking Heads, Tom Waits and Wim De Craene, but also of Miles Davis and Elvis Costello, will open doors on her musical path.

These young talents are accompanied by top musicians Pierre Anckaert, Jean-Philippe Komac and Wouter Berlaen.

The piano player Pierre Anckaert is a rising star in the contemporary Belgian jazz scene. After being awarded first prize at the 2007 Jazz Hoeilaart International Contest and receiving the SABAM Artistic Promotion Prize 2007 for best interpretation of the compulsory piece "Tritone Song" by Peter Hertmans, he records his first trio album "Candide". Recently, Pierre Anckaert decided to engage the dialogue between jazz and classical music with a classical chamber orchestra. With “Strings Attached” Pierre Anckaert takes the initiative to cross boundaries, to color outside the lines without falling off the page. He had the pleasure to present “Strings Attached” at the Brosella Folk & Jazz Festival 2010.

Jean-Philippe Komac is a professional musician since 1981 and played in the meantime almost every style with a lot of different artists. He went classic with the Muntschouwburg Orchestra and VRO, performed in musicals and rock operas (Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, My Fair Lady), played jazz with Dee Daniels, Deborah Brown, Chris Joris, Frank Vaganee, Michel Legrand, Jimmy Molière (New Orleans, USA) and in big bands (Boom Big Band, Concord Jazz Ensemble Kortrijk, PDM-bigband Oudenaarde), played pop music with Tom Van Landuyt, Mozaiek, Sunny Side Up and Coco Jr., chanson with Johan Verminnen, Connie Neefs, Nicole en Hugo, Will Tura and Bart Vanden Bossche. He played scores for film (‘De Potloodmoorden’), TV series (‘Bex & Blanche’, ‘Wittekerke’, ‘2 straten verder’, ‘Van vlees en bloed’) and radio plays (‘De Keizer en de nachtegaal’, ‘Wilde Zwanen’) and a lot of commercials (, Shoe Discount, Humo, Flair, O’Cool, etc). He has been teaching ‘Rhythm’ for several years at the Studio Herman Teirlinck. Today, he’s teaching ‘Percussion’ at the Kunsthumaniora van Brussel with Erik Taelemans and Jan Samyn.

Wouter Berlaen is a freelance musician in the jazz and pop scene. He shared the stage with Chaka Khan, Ali Campbell (UB40), MC Solaar, Lou Rhodes (Lamb), Leki, Wigbert, Kommil Foo, Johan Verminnen, Kris De Bruyne, Admiral Freebee, Raymond Van het Groenewoud, Dirk Blanchart and many others … He explores the boundaries of improvisation with his own “Jazz meets DJ” project “Alien Bitesize” and made recently a noted singing debut in Dutch pop with the dialect album "Vanuivoeurt".

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