Saxophone: Tijl Verhaeghe

Kristal Klaar Saxophone

The third concert in the series of the 4th edition of “Kristal Klaar” is entirely dedicated to the saxophone and will be conducted by Tijl Verhaeghe. Once more, a selection of young, talented musicians of Kunsthumaniora Brussel are ready to share their passion with you. They will present a varied program with of work of Ruggiero, Frackenpohl and Absil, amongst others.

Lars Van Keymeulen, Emma Seminck, Ireene Verschueren and Maarten Vergauwen will show you the versatility of the saxophone during the first part of the evening. You will be amazed by the guts, the passion and the musicality of these young saxophone players.

The other young talents will get on stage in the second part of the evening. They will form a magnificent choir to execute the Concert in Eb by Alexander Glazunov. A bright horizon, from sopranino saxophone to baritone, will be displayed. Sopranino: Pieter; Soprano: Annemie & Mariska; Alto: Peter, Jorrit, Maarten V., Lars, Emma, Laurence and Ireene; Tenor: Koen, Maarten S. & Stijn; Baritone: Ben, Kelly & Sarah. Tijl will be playing the solo part and the whole performance will be conducted by Jurgen Wayenberg, director of the Kunsthumaniora Brussel.

Young talents

Lars Van Keymeulen
Emma Seminck
Ireene Verschueren
Maarten Vergauwen
Annemie Declercq
Mariska Hendrickx
Kelly Vangoedsenhoven
Sarah Decroubele
Laurence Ryckaert
Maarten Schillemans
Ben De Greef
Jorrit Verheggen
Stijn De Raes

Stefan De Schepper (piano)

“Equilibrium” Saxophone quartet

The saxophone quartet has been especially created for this concert of Kristal Klaar. An opening performance, no doubt about it! The four musicians know each other for a very long time, as they’ve been performing together in different orchestras and ensembles, and three of them are participating in the clarinet and saxophone workshops, initiated every year at the Kunsthumaniora by Tijl and John Van Laethem.
They already has some thrilling rehearsals and they hope that this opening night will be the start of a whole series of concerts.

Pieter Delaere

Pieter earned in 2011 a Master degree in performing music at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, under the guidances of Koen Maas, Raf Minten and Rik Vaneyghen. Thanks to the Erasmus project, he was able to study for a year in Pesaro (Italy) under the direction of Federico Mondelci and earned a degree as classical saxophone soloist.

He won the first prize at the International Music Tournament (TIM) in Verona (Italy), was semi-finalist at the Circolo Cameristico Piemontese in Chieri (Italy) and won 11 national prizes as a saxophone player and a composer (Axion Classics, Concours pour Jeunes Saxophonistes in Dinant, Sabam prize for Belgian Artistic Promotion, the Vlamo competition for soloists, …)

Pieter is not only fascinated by classical music, but is also very interested in contemporary music. That’s why you will find him in orchestras and ensembles who are at the discovery of both genres (I Solisti del Vento, Italian Saxophone Orchestra, DEHU ensemble,…).

Koen Dries

Koen earned a degree in saxophone with the greatest distinction at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the guidance of Norbert Nozy and earned also a Master degree in music conducting. He also studied music writing and earned on top a degree in fugue. He has been assistant of the saxophone class for a year at the Conservatory, before initiating a PhD in Arts.

He’s conducting the Limburgs Kamerorkest, the Koninklijke Fanfare Vermaak na Arbeid in Rijkevorsel and the Koninklijke Fanfare de Eendracht in Dessel. He started the Brussels Wind Ensemble and is also conducting other ensembles like the Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss am Rhein, the KBC Harmony Orchestra and the Royal Music Chapel of the Guides, to perform work of Stravinsky, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Lutoslawski, Ravel, Debussy, Jongen, Poulenc, Milhaud, ...

Koen won as a saxophone player different prizes at Vlamo competitions for soloists, won the first prize at the Competition of Young Saxophone Players in Dinant and the Axion Classics competition. The Flemish Government assigned him a YoTaM scholarship (Young Talented Musicians) and he received the Ingeborg Köberle prize for his astonishing results as a student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

Koen teaches at the Academie voor Muziek en Woord in Mol, the Stedelijke Academie voor Muziek, Woord en Dans in Geel and the music academy of Balen.

Peter Cverle

Peter earned a Master degree for saxophone with the highest distinction at the Lemmensinstituut under the guidance of Mrs Nadine Bal. He continued studying the saxophone at the CRR of Cergy-Pontoise (Paris) under the direction of Mr Fourmeau and won in 2009 the most wanted ‘medaille d’or’ à l’unamité.

He’s also one of the founders of CeDel. Peter won several prizes in music competitions: Jong Tenuto, the Axion-Classics, the Association Internationale A. Sax competition in Dinant and the Concours International Adolphe Sax in l’Hay-les-Roses.

Peter performs on a freelance base as a soloist in several orchestras and ensembles: the Vlaams Radio Orkest, the National Orchestra of Belgium, the Nieuw Vlaams Symfonieorkest, the Universitair Symfonisch orkest van Leuven, the Telos Ensemble, the European Saxophone Ensemble, …

Tijl Verhaeghe

Tijl earned a degree in saxophone and chamber music at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the guidance of Norbert Nozy. He was a finalist at the national Tenuto competition for soloists, organized by Klara, and won with his saxophone quartet “Sax-appeal” the competition for saxophone ensembles in Dinant. He earned a master degree as concert soloist at the Conservatory of Antwerp.

Tijl is teaching saxophone, chamber music and orchestra at the Stedelijke Academie in Hemiksem and the Kunsthumaniora Brussel, where he’s is also coordinating the classical music department. Besides being a freelance musician, he’s also part of different harmony orchestras and the SaxonAir saxophone quartet.

Tijl discovered himself a passion for music conducting. The ability to transfer his passion for music to an orchestra, had a main influence on his musical career. Today, he’s the conductor of the orchestra of the Muziekhumaniora, who toured for the first time in Germany under his guidance. He’s also conducting the youth orchestra NOOTuitgang in Oudenaarde and the Koninklijke Muziekmaatschappij Moed en Volharding Denderhoutem. He started this year studying for a Master conducting at the Conservatory of Antwerp under the guidance of Dirk Decaluwé, to lift his conducting skills to an even higher level.


Tango Burlesque by Willy Bauweraerts
Air for Alto by Arthur Frackenpohl
Trois Pièces (I) : Duo by Giseppe Ruggiero
Fantaisie Caprice by Jean Absil


Blow! by Perry Goldstein
Histoire du Tango: Café 1930 by Astor Piazzolla
Concerto in Eb by Alexander Glazunov

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