Kristal Klaar: Keyboards

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Featuring Soliños (Pieter Van Malderen: keyboards, Jean-Philippe Komac: drums, Yves Fernandez-Soliño: trumpet, Filip Bollaert: guitar and Carlo Van Belleghem: bass) and young talents Soet Kempeneer (bass), Joram Bemelmans (drums), Hendrik Lasure (keyboards), Egor Doubay and Erik Bogaerts (saxophones

The first concert in the series of the 6th edition of “Kristal Klaar” is dedicated to the Fender Rhodes piano and will be conducted by Pieter Van Malderen. Triopated will be opening, featuring Soet Kempeneer on bass (student Kunsthumaniora Brussel), Joram Bemelmans on drums (former student Kunsthumaniora Brussel) and Hendrik Lasure on Rhodes piano (Royal Conservatory Brussels). For this concert, they’ve invited Egor Doubay and Erik Bogaerts to join them on saxophone.

When in the late 60s, jazz pianist Herbie Hancock walked into the studio for a session with Miles Davis, his employer at that time, he did not know what hit him. 'Where's the piano?", asked Herbie somewhat uncertain and Miles pointed to a dark corner in the studio without saying anything. There was something standing Herbie described as a toy, until he played it. Since that day, the electric piano, in particular the type Fender Rhodes, changed the sound of jazz, perhaps more than any other instrument. A whole new palette of sound textures arose and opened doors to new musical paths. At no time, other keyboard instruments, such as synthesizers, were introduced. The music gained momentum and a new sound emerged: 'Fusion', an umbrella that covered many different kinds of music. As the term itself suggests, every artist or band created his own sound, depending on the added musical ingredients.

Famous bands / artists that made sensation are Chick Corea & Return To Forever, Herbie Hancock & Headhunters, Weather Report, George Duke… But also a lot of established names within the Jazz jumped on the bandwagon after Miles Davis: Wayne Shorter, amongst many others… The walls between Pop and Jazz collapsed, which again created new musical possibilities. Jazz was suddenly very accessible or very experimental.

This eclectic sound can be found in Soliñhos’ repertoire. The band balances between different genres and musical idioms, without losing its own group sound. The result is sophisticated and accessible at the same time. The characteristic blend of trumpet and keyboard inevitably raises the memory of Miles Davis and how it all began. Funk, jazz standards and electronic music with a light experimental touch are the ingredients for a repertoire, alternating classics’ arrangements and original songs.


• DATE: Thursday November 28, 2013 at 20:00
• LOCATION: G.C. De Markten (Spiegelzaal) - Oude Graanmarkt 5 1000 Brussels
• TICKETS: 14.00 € / +65 & -26: 10,00 € / Students Kunsthumaniora Brussel and Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel: 7.00 €
• INFO AND RESERVATION: Brosella: 02 474 06 41 (info) (reservation)

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