Bass guitar: Janos Bruneel

Kristal Klaar (bass)

Brosella and the Kunsthumaniora van Brussel are presenting the 3rd edition of “Kristal Klaar”, three pupil-tutor concerts in Gemeenschapscentrum De Markten in Brussels. The third and final concert in the series is scheduled on Thursday, May 5th at 20.00 hours. It is entirely dedicated to the bass (double bass and bass guitar) and will be conducted by Janos Bruneel.


Ben, Diederik and Mick will perform an ode to the bass. Groove, harmony and melody… they will cover it all.

Diederik Billiet started studying the piano at the age of eight, in the beginning under the supervision of his mother, later with Maarten Wilbrenninck. But he found out to be a jazz lover and the bass to be his thing. He took part in several jazz workshops, a.o. with Bart De Nolf and with David de Marez Oyens. Since October 2009, Diederik is the bass player of the Swing Shift big band, covering a repertoire of jazz and pop.

Mick Goddevriendt bought his first bass guitar at the age of thirteen and started to imitate bass lines from popular songs. He also got involved in a punk band with his brother on the drums and a guitar player. Two years later he moved on and started to study music at the academy of Zaventem under the direction of Jan Detremmerie. In the meantime Mick has been studying for three years under the guidance of Wouter Berlaen and since last year he’s coached by Janos Bruneel. And it felt like coming home…

Ben Ooghe got passionate about music at the age of fourteen and especially the sound of the bass guitar kept his attention. His musical journey started at At Play in Leuven under the direction of Dagobert Desmet. He decided to change direction after two years practicing bass lines of Muse, Queen of the Stone Age, Blink 182 and Nirvana. He joined the Kunsthumaniora van Brussel, and two years later, thanks to the guidances of Janos Bruneel and Wouter Berlaen, he’s ready to move on to the conservatory.


Lingo (Bert, Stijn and Janos) recorded its untitled debut album in 2008. A quote of Jack van Poll about these recordings: “Lingo has developed a style of its own, in which rhythmic patterns and themes occasionally have a repetitive character. One shouldn’t really apply a label, but to the listener it comes across as a kind of “neo African jazz”, partly due to the character elements just mentioned. The solemn pieces show depth and a love for beauty.” The band carried on in the same direction on the next album and asked Casimir Liberski, an old friend of Janos, to join them. Janos and Casimir used to play together a lot, before Casimir moved on to Boston in 2006 and later on to New York. Now he’s for a short time back in Belgium. So, you will be at the first row to assist at this unique musical reunion.

Janos Bruneel (°1983, Antwerpen) ) played a significant role in every ensemble he ever joined. He started with piano lessons even before he learned to read or to write. Nevertheless, it was only at sixteen that he discovered “his” instrument. He earned in 2008 Master degrees summa cum laude at the Conservatories of The Hague and Brussels, under the guidance of Hein van de Geyn, Frans van der Hoeven and Christophe Wallemme. He teaches double bass at the Conservatory of The Hague since 2009. He won a lot of awards with different ensembles, a.o. 1st laureate of the “Nationale Wedstrijd voor Muziek en Woord van de Dexia Bank”, “Octave de la musique”, “Dutch Jazz Competition”, “Pim Jacobs Muziekprijs”, “XL Jazz”, “Top Talent Scholarship”, “Jazzcat Rally”, “Motives For Jazz-Contest”, “Dinant Jazz Competition” and the “SABAM Jeugd en Muziek Jazz Award”.
Janos performed all over Europe, Canada, Dubai… A few examples: North Sea Jazz, Gaume Jazz, The Hague Jazz, Dubai Jazz, Catania Jazz, Turku Jazz, Jazz à Liège, Brussels Jazz Marathon, Biennale Des Jeunes Créateurs d’Europe et de la Méditerranée, Jongerenfestival van De Munt, Flageystival, Eu’Ritmix, Brosella, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Bimhuis, De Doelen,….
He shared the stage with Eric Vloeimans, Stephane Belmondo, Gwen Cresens, Angelo Verploegen, Jonas Knutsson, Jack van Poll, Dre Pallemaerts, Dee Daniels, Luke Howard, Bert Joris, Archie Shepp,... and played in bands like Hamster Axis Of The One-Click Panther, DelVita Group, Alano Gruarin Bach Project, MissTriohso, Eef Van Acker Group, Mathilde Renault Trio, Lingo, Dufay Project, New Sadi Big Band, Luke Howard/Janos Bruneel, Jack van Poll Trio, Merijn Bruneel Quartet, Soo Cho Quartet, As Guests, ... His latest project, covering the music of Guillaume Dufay (with Bart Van Caenegem and Carlos Bruneel), opened in AMUZ in January 2011.

Bert Cools (°1986, Antwerpen) is completing his Jazz guitar Master program at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam in the classes of Hein Van de Gein, Ed Verhoef and Eric Vloeimans. He won the Erasmus Jazz Award in 2010 and is the official guitar player of Sabrina Starke, an artist signed by the prestigious Blue Note label. He toured in Mexico, Brazil, The Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland and played at the North Sea Jazz Festival, De Doelen, AB, The Hague Jazz Festival, Ton Ton Jazz, Biennale Des Jeunes Créateurs d’Europe et de la Méditerranée, Jongerenfestival van De Munt, Antwerp Harbour Jazz & Soul, Openluchttheater Rivierenhof.

Stijn Cools (°1981, Antwerpen) graduated last year at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under Stéphane Galland and won the “Toots Thielemans Jazz Award” 2009/2010. He’s as a drummer and composer of electronic music part of different bands: Bender Banjax (winner of Young Jazz Talent 2009), Mathilde Renault Trio, Cosboga Band, Meropeé, Michel Vrydag Kwintet, Nilfisq, Lingo and Casual Encounter. Stijn was invited as a guest in 2007 by the Klara Festival Bigband, conducted by. Fabrizio Cassol. He performed a.o. with Bart Maris, Antoine Prawermann, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Nic Thys, Laurent Blondiau, Fabricio Cassol, Michell Hatzigeorgiou, Michel Seba, Pierre Vaianna, Robin Verheyen, Erwinn Vann, Peter Hertmans, Pierre Van Dormael, Fabian Fiorini, Kris Defoort, Bo Van Der Werf, Pierrre Bernard, Bart Cartier, Cedric Waterschoot, Bruno Vansina, Kristof Rosseuw, Tom Callens, Marcelo Moncada, François Delporte, Yannick Peeters, Pierre Anckaert, Ewout Pierreux, Alexi Tuomarilia, Nicolas Kummert, Alexandra Grimal, Nathan Wouters, Joachim Saerens, Yannick Werther, Nicola Andrioli, Selah Sue, Joachim Saerens, Benjamin Sauzerau, Marco Bardoscia, Toine Thys, Filip Wauters, Nathan Wouters, Wout Gooris, Marcelo Moncada ... and played at Brosella, Jazz Gent, Klara Festival, ...

Special Guest: Casimir Liberski (°1988, Brussels) learned himself to play the piano as a child. At six he got inspired by Thelonious Monk, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, John lee Hooker, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans. He started his first trio at the age of thirteen and played in Belgium and France. He learned new perspectives in improvisation and “harmolody” by meeting Ornette Coleman a year later. Thanks to Ornette, he also got in touch with artists and musicians from New York like Charnett Moffett, Warren Smith and Ornette’s son Denardo Coleman. Casimir also studied under the guidance of Masabumi Kikuchi, Brad Mehldau, Craig Taborn, Jason Moran, Vijay Iyer, Danilo Perez and Steve Hunt. He graduated last year at the “Berklee College of Music” and was the first European to receive the “Presidential Scholarship”. He’s also the composer of the soundtrack of “Bunker Paradise”, a movie written by his father, Stefan Liberski. Today, he’s involved in different projects in Europe and in New York.


Summertime (G. Gershwin)
Splanky (C. Basie)
Spain (C. Corea)
Mr. P.C. (J. Coltrane)
KHBG (B. Ooghe, D. Billet. M. Goddevriendt)



Hoketus (J. Bruneel)
DTME (J. Bruneel)
La Vache (J. Bruneel)
R. Express (J. Bruneel)
Axis (J. Bruneel)
GAMT (J. Bruneel)

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