Mor Karbasi

Mor Karbasi © Mor Karbasi Mor Karbasi © Daniel Kaminski Mor Karbasi © Mor Karbasi
12 July 2014
Theatre Stage
//   20:30

Mor Karbasi
Mor Karbasi (voice), Joe Taylor (guitar, oud), Andres Ticino (percussions), Davide Mantovani (bass) & Ivan Hussey (violin).
Ladino’s modern diva

Mor Karbasi personifies the new star of Sephardic music with a repertoire of fabulous vibrato sung in Ladino, the language of Sephardi Jews who were expelled from Andalucía at the end of the 15th century. It was a forced exile for all those who refused to convert to Catholicism. Her roots are deeply buried in Jewish, Moroccan and Iranian culture but she infuses Spanish Flamenco rhythms to her music. Her charisma is incredible, making her interpretations raw and moving. Her innovative approach blends pop music with spiritual chants and has thrust her into the class of some of the best divas. Inspired by centuries-old traditions, she has created a music that is both refined and brilliant. In Ladino, in Hebrew and in Spanish, ... a sublime voice that goes through the ages and the Mediterranean.

At Brosella, she will present her latest album ‘La Tsadika’ (after 'The Beauty and the Sea’ in 2008 and ‘Daughter of the spring’ in 2011). La Tsadika ‘The Righteous’ is a tribute to a Moroccan Jewish heroine, Sol Hatchuel, beheaded in 1834 at the age of seventeen. According to this legend, Sol went to visit her Muslim friend and neighbour Tara after an argument with her mother. Tara’s brother fell in love with her and, spurned, sought revenge. He started a rumour that Sol had converted to Islam out of love for him. Confronted, she denied the rumour and refused to convert. Under nineteenth century Moroccan law, she was condemned to death and executed as a heretic.

Mor Karbasi manages to rise and to thrive in a register that reminds us of the musical atmosphere of the Iberian Peninsula. La Tsadika reveals a charismatic artist with an emotion steeped in history ... self evident.

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